Kannik's Kove
A Favorite Hide-away for Seamen, Pirates, and their sorts

Welcome to Kannik's Kove! A favorite new hide-away for Seamen, Pirates, and their sorts.

Here you will find a wee bit of fun on the leeward side. This a is pleasant diversion for land locked sailors, and a meeting place for other lovers of the sea.

You will find valuable information, goods, resources, and surprises hidden away amidst these pages.

We are sure you will enjoy your shore time. Watch your footing on the docks, keep an eye out for the pick-pockets, and beware the wenches!

You will always find a safe harbor here, and we hope you will come back now and then, as you never know what the wind might blow in.

There is some active content, so you may need to adjust browser settings to fully enjoy our site, especially as we expand it.

We are just getting this site up and active, but hope to have more content shortly. Please steer your course this way again soon.

Meanwhile, we have some great patterns for sailors and pirates at our full website www.kannikskorner.com, and also have a few ready-made items, including some slops.