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  Priors - Interiors     Priors - Landscapes 
Small Scenery Sheets: Priors Small Sheets

Large Priors Landscape Sheets

Most of these sheets are reprints of Alfred Jacobsen backdrops and wings, printed by Priors. Some sheets are printed on both sides, creating a translucent effect when used with back lighting.

The full backdrop sheets measure approximately 17 inches wide by 12 inches high, except the sheets numbered P-004 through P-070, which are the same height, but narrower. The sheet numbers are based on the original Alfred Jacobsen numbers, preceded by  P for our purposes, except for the 600 series, which are reproductions done by Priors.

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Prices are as marked.
Please note that item numbers which are followed by the letter "R" are "Rare". In other words, they are in limited availability, and therefore may be priced much higher than other sheets.

P-004-1882 Rock Wings
$5.00 each

P-005-1882 Beach/Ship Wreck/Tents
$5.00 each

P-013 Falling Rocks
with technical illustration
$5.00 each 

P-015 Illuminated Garden
$5.00 each

P-005-1880-R Beach/Ship
$5.00 each

P-004-1880-R Rock Wings
$5.00 each

P-007 Volcano
$9.00 each

P-029-R Oak Forest
$9.00 each

Out of Stock
See D-080

P-017-R Walls/Bulwark
$8.00 each

P-020 Ships and Rocks
$5.00 each

P-023-R Wings - Veranda/House/Inn/Gate
$8.00 each

P-041 Beach/Vegetation/Stairs
Horizons and Set pieces
$5.00 each

P-032 Pink Clouds/Winter scene
Horizon pieces
$5.00 each

  P-033 Wings - for Pink Clouds
$5.00 each

P-035-R Forest Wings

P-039 Winter Forest Wings
$5.00 each

P-049/0xx-R Steam ship deck
includes horizon, furniture, ?

P-050 Turkish Bazaar
$5.00 each

P-043 Set Pieces
Steam boat, hot air balloon, ship wreck, coral
$5.00 each

P-059 Forest Pieces
Soffit and Horizons
$5.00 each

P-056 Wood shed/Road signs/Tower
Wing and Set pieces
$5.00 each

P-061/63 Palace Stairs w/pillar wings
with technical illustration
$9.50 per set

P-064 Burning City
$5.00 each

P-067 Magic Garden
$5.00 each

P-105    P-106
P-105-106 City Street Set
backdrop and wings
$10.00 per set


P-124 City Harbor
$5.00 each

P-108 Steamship Deck
Middle curtain and set piece
$5.00 each

P-115 Winter Forest
$5.00 each

P-116-R Winter Forest
Mid-drop and set pieces

P-117-R Winter Forest wings

P-119 Danish Forest
Mid-drop and set pieces
$5.00 each

  P-122 Garden/bush
$5.00 each

 P-118/120-R Forest w/lake and Wings
$36.00 per set

New! P-153BW
Bottom of the Sea
middle drop, black and white
for your own coloring

P-127 Stalactite Cave
$5.00 each

P-128 Stalactite Cave
$5.00 each

P-126   P-127  P-128
P-126-128 Stalactite Cave set
Backdrop, two middle drops and set pieces
[see also D-294]
$17.50 per set

P-133 Castle Horizons
and set pieces
$5.00 each

P-134 Church Horizons
$5.00 each

P-135 Winter Horizons
and set pieces
$5.00 each

P-149 Tivoli
$5.00 each

P-189 Tivoli Ship
$5.00 each

P-190 Moorish Palace
$5.00 each

P-237 Chinese Pagoda
$5.00 each

New! P-251-R Winter w/windmill
Translucent, shows burning mill
AJ 251

P-252-253-R Winter Bridge Set
$20.00 for set


P-374 Oriental Town/Chinese House
Two Horizon pieces, for use with
D-100 Veranda mid-drop
$5.00 each

 P-359-R Winter Camp pieces
This is NOT a full sheet as shown in image. We have the Medieval era encampment horizon (as seen on bottom of image) and the camp fire set piece.
$8.00 / wing & set piece

 P-375-R Steamship w/Explosion


 P-364-R Harbor at Night


P-328/330-R Fairy Castle in Pond
Two translucent backdrops
Can use the second sheet as a middle drop

$38.00 per set

P-373-R Veranda

P-391-R Dunes w/Pine trees


New! P-315a/b-C Battle Wings
Wings for night battle scene P-437
(Color laser printed)

$5.00 for pair

Please Note:
The 400 series sheets are original Alfred Jacobson sheets. These sheets are slightly smaller than the ordinary Large (C size) sheets. They are approximately 15 inches wide and 10 inches high.

P-407 Wave machine w/boat
This is the sheet used to
build a wave machine!

Use with a beach from
sheet D-044

P-434 Cave Mid-drop
$5.00 each

P-440 Fantasy Cave
Translucent middle drop

P-437 Night Battle on City
See the Battle Wings for this! P-315a/b-C


P-456 Wizard's Cave
Translucent Middle drop
Works well with
either P-621, or P-126


P-404 Sea Battle in Smoke

P-439 Winter Horizon
w/set pieces
train on horizon & station wing
$5.00 each

P-458-R Genie w/

End of 400 Series

New! P-552-553 Windmill
This is ONE sheet with two numbers on it. There are set pieces of teepees, Bishop and winter fire, and a Danish flag.
$5.00 each

P-545 Explosion
$5.00 each

P-523 Castle Courtyard
$5.00 each

See similar, mirrored sheet
and wings D-155.

P-528  P-529
P-528/529-R Jungle Set

$20.00 per set

P-551 Tree House
Set pieces
Tree on left is a set piece for sheet
, in place of left wing.*

$5.00 each

P-295 Wings - Courtyard
Right wings* and set pieces,
plus teepees!
Use wings with sheet P-559.

$5.00 each

P-559 Courtyard/Roundtower
Use with left wings
on sheet P-295

and tree on sheet P-551.
$5.00 each

P-602 Beech Forest/Lake
$5.00 each

P-603 Wings - Beech Forest
$5.00 each

  P-604 Cave
$5.00 each

P-605 Wizard's Cave
Middle-drop, works well with
either P-621, or P-126

$5.00 each

P-606 Bottom of the Sea
$5.00 each

P-615 Castle behind wall
[not an AJ sheet]
$5.00 each

P-617    P-618
P-617-618 Winter Village Set
backdrop and wings, from Little Match Girl
$10.00 per set

P-619 Cemetery
$5.00 each

P-621 Wild Rockies
$5.00 each

P-635 Bridge & Hills/Cook Oven
also hollow stump, rock and
Ole Lukøje [The Sandman]
$5.00 each

P-544-R Cave
$15.00 each

P-554 Wings - Winter Pines
$5.00 each

P-556 Old Inn
Left Wing*
$3.50 each

P-558 Cottage in Winter
Right Wing*
$3.50 each

P-531 Castle in Park
Frederick VIIs summer residence, horizon piece
$5.00 each

P-555 Train in Winter
$3.50 each

P-560 Country Horizon
Castle and Church in distance
$3.50 each

See also sheet D-043.

New! FK-003-C|
Bushes/Camp fire
(Color laser print)
$4.00 each

New! P-295-C Teepees
(Color laser print)
$4.00 each

New! FK- 004-C
(Color laser print)
$4.00 each

P-SW Swedish Winter set
Winter backdrop and 4 wings
$10.00 for set

See also sheets D-276 and D-277, plus D-278.

* Proper Left and Rights are determined from back of theater facing audience

page updated 1-7-2014