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All illustrations, text and designs contained in this site are  Copyright 1982-2012 Kannik's Korner, or its licensors.
All rights are reserved, and none may be used without prior written permission.

requently Asked Questions

Q: May I make items to sell from your patterns or designs?

A: Yes. You may make items to sell from our sewing patterns, but
you may not share the patterns, charts, instructions or books, etc.
If you make items from our documented patterns, please do not make significant
alterations to the design, or it will most likely void the documentation for your customer.

Q: May I share a pattern, trace it, photocopy it, use it on my website, or send digital files?

A: No. our designs are copyrighted.If you share one of our publications,
you are inhibiting (hindering or preventing) a sale of that item.
This would be violating copyright law. Sharing causes direct loss to our livelihood.
Please respect our copyrights. Encourage others to purchase their own publications.

Do you have Victorian or Medieval patterns?

No, Please check our links page for other pattern sources and costuming web sites.

For Victorian and early 1800's patterns, especially check:
Past Patterns

Q: Do you have military uniform patterns?
No, we do not have any published at this time.
We DO have the best patterns for shirts to wear with your uniforms!
We also have a trousers pattern that is suitable for civilians at 1812 events, although the pattern represents a slightly lower style waistline than the fashionable very high waistline of the 1812-1820 era.

Please check our web site occasionally for updates!
Please also check the company Past Patterns at www.pastpatterns.com
for their military uniform patterns.

Q: Do you have Pilgrim patterns for children or adults?
No, we do not have any published at this time.
Please refer to the Plimoth Plantation web site for some information on what Pilgrims wore, and also the rootsweb.ancestry.com site, which has an informative page on
the clothing of the Pilgrims.

Q: Can you suggest books to read about historical clothing,
or other costume history resources?
Yes! We have a list of books (bibliography) on our personal web site that will surely help you get started!
Costume Research

Also, there are wonderful links to costume history sites from:
The Costumer's Manifesto

Check our links page for more!

Q: Do you have email newsletters?
Yes! We have three different lists! Please check our Email Mailing List page for more information.